Best Deep Sea Fishing Poles 2015

Ahoy Mateys! So You Want to Deep Sea Fish?

So, you want to go deep sea fishing but are looking for the best pole to use? Well, you’re in luck, because this article will discuss the best deep sea fishing poles you can use this year. We rated the poles on popularity of sale and user reviews.

First, a bit about deep sea fishing. Deep sea fishing is fishing that typically takes place a bit away from shore, because it requires deeper water, typically 30 meters deep. Deep sea fishing is also called offshore boat fishing, sport fishing and big game fishing. The fish that you catch in deep sea fishing is different than any other type of fishing. With deep sea fishing, you’ll find tuna, marlin, sharks and swordfish.

It’s a difficult sport, but can be a lot of fun and very rewarding! Deep sea fishers can frequently encounter rough conditions out at sea. Heavy fish and strong winds can tackle even the most experienced fisherman. Therefore, it’s important to have a great deep sea fishing pole to get the most out of your deep sea fishing experience. Read this article to learn more about the best type to use!

Don’t Get Seasick – How To “Catch” the Best Deep Sea Fishing Rod!

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(1) Okuma Classic Pro Downrigger Trolling Fishing Rod

The Okuma Classic Pro Downrigger Trolling Fishing Rod is a very popular rod. It is light and sensitive and has a flexible bend, which handles deep water fish well. Priced around $28, it is also very affordable. The rod comes with a triangular grip. This is a great “starter” deep sea fishing rod, and for the price, you can afford (and will probably buy) more than one!

(2) Orvis Clearwater 8-Weight Fly Rod

The Orvis Clearwater 8-Weight Fly Rod is a bit more expensive, priced around $225, but is also a very popular rod. The Orvis Clearwater works with both saltwater and fresh water fishing. Like the Okuma Classic, the Orvis Clearwater is a light rod. One of the best reasons to buy this rod is that it handles wind very well! As you can imagine, when you are deep sea fishing, you can encounter heavy winds out at sea. If you regularly fish in these conditions, this rod is for you! Many users have commented that it is a great rod for bonefishing.

(3) Orvis Helios 2 Saltwater 8’Weight Fly Rod


The Orvis Helios 2 Saltwater 8’Weight Fly Rod is also a light rod for deep sea fishing! It gets rave reviews as being easy to cast and having great line speed. The Helios 2 changes directions well, i.e., from long to short distances. It’s sturdy and fishes well in most all conditions. One consumer used it to fish in both cold Alaska waters and warm Bahamas waters and gave this rod great reviews for use in both! The rod is sturdy and has a great warranty. One downside of this rod is its price. Online, you can buy the Helios 2 for about $700. Therefore, it’s an investment but might be worth the price if you’re serious about deep sea fishing.

(4) Okuma Fishing Gear Solaris 11 ft. Heavy Surf Spin Rod Model

The Okuma Fishing Gear Solaris 11 ft. Heavy Surf Spin Rod Model is made with graphite blanks that are encased by a non-slip cork grip which works well for getting a steady grip for casting. In fact, easy casting is one of its best features. Falling in the mid-to-cheaper range for deep sea fishing poles, it’s priced around $100 online. Users have commented that it is a heavy rod, so it makes for a bit more difficult handling.

Reeling It In – In Conclusion

Hopefully the information in this article has been pretty easy for you to “reel in”! As a helpful recap, though, here’s the pertinent information for you!

In sum, if you’re looking for a great, basic and affordable deep sea fishing rod, try the first one on this list, the Okuma Classic Pro Downrigger Trolling Fishing Rod. The Okuma Fishing Gear Solaris is also another affordable rod but gets less favorable reviews than the Okuma Classic. The best rod on this list for 2015 is probably the one that is most expensive – the Orvis Helios 2 Saltwater 8’Weight Fly Rod. It’s strong and study and works well in all types of waters. Sometimes, you get what you pay for! Another great rod for 2015 is the Okuma Fishing Gear Solaris.

Good luck and have fun!



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