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Tahiti Bonefish


The Area - Our fishing program is based in the Tuamotus, a chain of over 76 volcanic atolls scattered over a two million square kilometers of the Pacific in French Polynesia. The Tuamotus are probably Tahiti's most scenic islands and more to the point the greatest flat's system we have found in our exploration there. There is a remarkable diversity to the atolls in the Tuamotus. Some are raised atolls formed over a million years ago by uplifitng forces. They are also incredible roosting sites for the endless migratory seabirds that frequent the islands.

Probably one of the most spectacular part of the Tuamotus is the life within the atolls in the channels and on the flats. The basin inside the atolls is truly one of the ocean's greatest wonders, click. The snorkeling and diving is never ending and will make even the most fanatical flyfisherman take a break from bonefishing. The reef here is still intact and largely untouched.

There are approximately 7000 inhabitants in all of the Tuamotu Archipelago. Most of this poplulation is on Rangiroa. The other atolls are for the most part uninhabited. While there are some locals that fish for subsistence, there is not any commercial fishing of any consequence in the areas we will be exploring. Certainly the coral reef, clarity of the water, and vitality of the flats and channels is superb. The overall vitality of the environment throughout the Tuamotus is excellent.

Certainly the Tuamotus are a bonefisherman's paradise. For the non-fisherman, one is left wondering why all the fuss chasing big bones with a fly rod when there is so much else to do and enjoy.


The Boat - The trips will operate from a deluxe, top of the line 58 foot Fountain Pajot catamaran. The catamaran features four cabins which each sleep two persons. Cabins are equipped with private showers, toilets, and more than enough storage space. The common area of the sailboat includes state of the art navigation equipment, comfortable lounge couches, and a wonderful dining room under the awning in the back of the boat. The boat is staffed with a full time crew of three including a French captain, an exceptional chef, and a very talented deck mate/bonefish guide. Meals include include sashimi, paella, and a variety of meat dishes.

The sailboat is equipped with two zodiac rafts which allow us to access the flats. Each morning the boat will anchor off the flats, and then fishermen will travel to flats for a morning of fishing. There will be one guide for each pair of fishermen. Our guides have all spent significant time saltwater fishing and have been retained for their ability spot fish as they move through the shallows. All fishing is wade fishing, and, due to vast flats, fishermen generally have more water than time. Not a bad problem to have.

Like any great destination, the fishing is only a small part of what makes French Polynesia special. French Polynesia's marine environment is pristine and undeveloped. Vast white sands flats, with beautiful mangrove and Palm lined bays, are very typical. Sea birds and a host of other ocean fish species are your constant companion as you traverse the flats for the marauding pods of bonefish.

Each day we stop at coral reefs which are home to a panoply of marine fishes. In one snorkel excursion, our group identified 65 different species of fish. The snorkeling is enhanced by the water's clarity. It is truly a natural marvel and makes for a wonderful break from fishing.

Our trips run from Saturday to Saturday. You will fly to Papeete, Tahiti on Friday, overnight at the hotel, and then fly out to the boat on Saturday morning. Upon arrival to the boat, we will move to the flats for an afternoon of fishing. We will then move from atoll to atoll during the week, arriving at your departure point on Friday evening. On Saturday morning, you will return to Papeete by plane and returning to the United States later that day.

Many customers enjoy add-on trips before or after their week of fishing. We highly recommend this. Bora Bora, Tetiaroa, and Moorea, are just a few of the islands where we can introduce you to some of our favorite escapes in French Polynesia.

The Fishing - Each evening our boat will moor near the next morning's bonefishing flat. Bonefish are the primary target of most of our anglers, and we will spend most of our time pursuing them. A day's fishing begins by making the short trip to the flat to be fished. We fish two anglers per guide. Each pair will begin wading a flat spread apart a short distance with the guide close at hand helping spot and coach. Please keep in mind that the bones here are huge and generally stupid, so most anglers will find that spotting and catching the fish is not a problem. At any rate our guides are experienced and are always helpful and close at hand.

The bonefishing in the Tuamotus revolves around quality fishing for large fish. The average bonefish here weighs roughly 5 pounds with fish up to 14 pounds spotted daily. The largest fish we have landed to date was 33 inches. While this is not a quantity fishery like Christmas Island or the Seychelles, the flats of the Tuamotus do have their place in a bonefisherman's wish list. Quite simply it is one of the best locations we have found to land a bonefish over 10 pounds. There are also solid numbers of milkfish, mutton snapper, jacks and a myriad of other assorted flats fish willing to grab a fly and run deep into your backing.

In addition the calm waters of the inner lagoons, the marine life is an experience in itself.  Spinner dolphins erupt out of the water in pursuit of flying fish, schools of yellowfin holding in the outflowing or inflowing currents ambushing bait, and several species of hard-charging jacks patrol the coral heads and edges for any unwary/unlucky prey. It is difficult to imagine a wilder or more spectacular place to fly fish than for the giant bones of the Tuamotus! We hope you will join us.

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