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New Zealand

People of Character

New Zealand is a land of rich contrasts, warm enough to grow exotic fruits, southern enough to support penguins and whales. It's a country of cosmopolitan cities and ancient rainforests, farms and wilderness, blue ice glaciers and golden-sand beaches. Yet of all its extraordinary characteristics, New Zealand's most remarkable resource has to be its people. Forced by their history and geography to be practical and inventive, New Zealanders are resourceful and talented and show a great passion for the outdoors and for sports. New Zealand is home to a large number of fish and we will be able to show you the places, the site. Please note, our services include many bonuses.

Cultural Vitality

One of the last significant land masses in the world to be inhabited, New Zealand's documented European history is only 250 years old, giving its culture an aura of freshness and self-invention. But the two chief cultures it draws from, Maori (Polynesian) and Pakeha (mostly European immigrants), have roots that are thousands of years old.

The arts in New Zealand offer a rich and diverse manifestation of a nation with great creative potential and plenty of confident expression. Over the last decade, fueled by the ease of global communication, there has been a cultural flowering in New Zealand, expressed not only in the arts, but also in its food and wine. For those who love great dining, great performances and marvelous objects, these are the best of times.

A Colorful Cuisine

A visit to New Zealand can be an adventurous, rewarding culinary experience. Inspired by European, Asian and Pacific tastes, the past decade has seen a culinary metamorphosis in New Zealand, and the result is a delicious, creative cuisine. In all the world, only California can match New Zealand for its incredible market gardens, and no one can match the marvelous range of fresh fish. New Zealand is justly renowned for the quality of its dairy products, especially its wonderful cheeses. It also produces delicious farmed venison (cervena), superb beef and lamb that is rated the best in the world.

The Wineries

The story of New Zealand wines is one of remarkable success achieved in a radically short time. With its long, slow growing season and cool, maritime climate, the country has always been near perfect for growing grapes, but only a generation ago, fortified wines and beer were the norm. Now its fine wines have come of age. Around the country, more than 200 wineries, many of them family owned or boutique wineries, are producing wines that consistently bring home top awards from international wine competitions. Easily accessible for tastings, many of the wineries have restaurants and/or pleasant gardens for picnics and barbeques. Wine tours are available, but casual visitors to vineyards are always welcome. Fall and spring are the best times to visit the wineries.

Fishing for Thrills

Seventy years ago, the writer Zane Grey, dubbed New Zealand an "angler's El Dorado," and the country has been proving him right ever since. Here you will find some of the world's best fresh and saltwater fishing in locations as breathtakingly beautiful as nature has ever devised. In addition to spectacular scenery, you will find yourself fishing in crystal-clear waters for fish that are bigger and wilder than anywhere else.

Since the introduction of trout from California in the latter part of last century, anglers from all over the world have realized their finest fishing dreams in New Zealand. The numerous streams and rivers of this mountainous country offer excellent stream fishing for both browns and rainbows. Here anglers can fish the very best dry-fly waters in the world with guides who are internationally recognized leaders in their field. In addition, literally hundreds of pristine lakes are all worth visiting. The average size of the trout taken is 4 to 4 1/2 pounds, but trophy fish ("double-digit") are caught with remarkable-and joyous-frequency.

Like the Babylonians, who believed the gods did not subtract from a person's allotted time on earth for the time spent fishing, New Zealand's avid fishing population has elevated trout fishing beyond mere sport. They even made "catch and release" a regular practice. Most American fly-fishers visiting New Zealand practice this too.

On the North Island, the summer trout fishing season runs from October to April in most districts. Winter trout fishing is available in the Taupo/Rotorua regions, with April/May and September/October being the best months. The Tongariro River is considered one of the best trout fishing rivers in the world. Its best fishing times are from May to October.

Trout fishing in the South Island can also provide world-class brown and rainbow trout dry-fly fishing. Dry-fly, nymph, streamer or lure fishing is best from October through April (spring through autumn), although good, year-round fishing is available in some designated lakes and rivers.

For the spin fisherman, there is both trout and quinnat (chinook salmon) fishing in late summer and autumn.

Fly-fishing float trips can be arranged. Helicopter fly-outs can take anglers deep into the back country to remote and magnificent trout streams, rarely visited by humans.

The main fishing rivers for salmon are the Rakaia, Waimakariri, Rangitata, Ashburton and Waitaki Rivers of the east coast of the South Island. The season is spring through autumn, with February and March being the best months. Guides operate mainly on the Rakaia River, and they provide all tackle, transport and refreshments.

Saltwater boat fishing takes place year-round. Guided saltwater sportfishing from charter boats is available all around the coast, but particularly from spots such as Whangaroa, Bay of Islands, Tutukaka, Tauranga, Whakatane, the Marlborough Sounds and Milford Sound. There are no closed season restrictions, and you don't even need a fishing license.

New Zealand's big-game fishery has a worldwide reputation, every bit as fantastic as a fisherman's tale. Species fished include striped marlin, Pacific blue and black marlin, and broadbill swordfish. Kingfish (yellowtail), mako, hammerhead, thresher sharks and yellowfin tuna are also popular catches.

Fishing tends to be concentrated on the east coast of the North Island, from bases in the Bay of Islands, Tutukaka, Whangaroa, Whitianga, Tauranga and Whakatane to Te Kaha. Best months are January to May. You will need to charter a big-game boat and skipper who will provide everything necessary for fishing, including bait, tackle, equipment and refreshments.

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