Adventure and explore with Anglers Passport your tour guide to fishing the world.  Trophy deep sea, and fresh water sportfishing in New Zealand, Australia, North America, and South America.
Anglers Passport to fishing the World.  Itineraries for trophy, fresh and salt water fishing destinations, in New Zealand, Australia, North America, South America.

          Your Passport to Fishing the World.  Luxury sportfishing tours, fresh and salt water deluxe itineraries.  Trophy, big game charters with luxury resorts and lodges.

Australian fishing adventures and tours.  Excellent blend of fresh and salt water trophy fishing.  Great Barrier Reef charters, or downriver drift fish the many estuaries.
New Zealand fishing adventures and tours.  Fly fish for trout and salmon, saltwater, and big game fishing, combine fishing/sightseeing tours,  with that personal touch.
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Alaska, Canada, America, Mexico, and Bahamas trophy fishing.  Abundant fresh and salt water sportfishing combinations.  Make all your fishing dreams come true.
Belize, Costa Rica, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Venezuela, and Christmas Island sport fishing and fly fishing adventures.  Deluxe tours and charters, trophy sportfishing uncompromized.
Contact Us about our special sportfishing and fly fishing destinations.  We have tours and charters on lakes, rivers and offshore fishing adventures with lodging in the best resorts.
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New Zealand - Fresh Water Fishing  

 New Zealand Fly Fishing

* These are just samples of itineraries that can be custom designed for your trip read it. If you would prefer to stay in lodges, Angler's Passport would be happy to arrange that for you. Most of these itineraries utilize Bed and Breakfasts and homestay or farmstay type accommodations.

North Island Fresh Water itineraries.

South Island Fresh Water itineraries.

New Zealand Recommended Fly Fishing Tackle and Equipment: This is just a sample of some of the items to take on your trip. A more complete tackle list is supplied when you book your trip with us.

Summer Fishing

  • Rods
    • River: 5-6 weight
    • Lake: 6-9 weight (bring an 8 or 9 wt for windy days)
  • Reels: Bring at least 2 reels with floating lines and at least one extra spool for each reel with sinking lines. Lightweight trout reels with smooth drags and exposed rim for palming. 75 - 100 yds. Backing
  • Lines
    • River: floating WF or DT (natural color- Slate grey, dark browns and greens) (that means no day- glo green or orange!)
    • Lake: Floating WF/ Fast sinking tip or intermediate (slow sink)
  • Waders: Light- weight stocking foot, with felt soled boots. Or shorts over long johns with felt soled boots (most prefer this)
  • Leaders
    • River: Tapered leaders from 4 to 12 feet long. (10 ft 1x to 4x) (4 ft 1x to 4x) (tippet 1x to 6x)
    • Lake: Short leaders tapered to 2x or 3x.
  • Flies
    • Dries
      • Royal Wulff # 10, 12, 14
      • Stimulators- green, yellow, tan, gold black, orange # 8, 10, 12
      • Adams and parachute Adams # 10-16
      • Humpy 10 - 14
      • Royal Humpy- green 8-14
      • Caddis 14-16
      • Cicada size 8
      • Beetles 14-18
    • Nymphs
      • Bead head pheasant tails 8 - 18
      • BH Hares Ear- natural, Olive, Black 8-16
      • A.P. Black, Olive 10-14
      • Zug Bug 10-16
      • Hares Ear 10-16
      • Stone Fly Nymphs Black 6, 8, 10
      • Matt's Fur - Olive, Natural 6,8,10
      • BH Prince 8-14
    • Streamers
      • (Kiwi patterns) Red Setter, Scotch Poacher, Parson's Glory, Olive Matuka, Muddler Minnow, Wooly Buggers Zonkers
  • Clothing: Waterproof jacket, warm jacket, light shirt (long sleeved), hat with dark colored brim, long underwear, light pants or shorts, thick socks Note: It is important to wear muted colors like tan and green. Layering is the key to comfort.
  • Other Items: Polaroid sun glasses (take two pairs), sun block (remember the hole in the ozone), insect repellent, vest

Winter Fishing

  • Rods
    • River: 8-9 weight
    • Lake: 6-9 weight (8-9 for windy days)
  • Lines
    • River: Floating WF/ Fast sinking WF or ST
    • Lake: Floating WF/ Fast sinking WF or ST
  • Waders: Neoprene 5 mm thick, stocking foot or boot foot (felt soled)
  • Clothing: Waterproof jacket, warm jacket, warm hat, long johns (top and bottoms, poly propylene), warm pants, thick (wool) socks, fingerless gloves
  • Other Items: Polaroid sun glasses, short handled landing net

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